Angry Game

Angry Game

All the animals and the birds are ready to do there journey ! Enjoy the game !
4.2 / 5

  • 1.0
  • Android 4.1+
  • Everyone 10+
  • 50000
  • 50,000 - 100,000
Have you ever played angry slingshot in your childhood? Now you can play angry slingshot
with your phone. You will use your angry slingshot and try knock down the crazy birds
and angry animals. The game it's al about a challenge of a lot of animals like birds and dinasaurs
,dragons . they are trying to challenge themselves to live a wonderful racing adventure of birds,
and angry animals. All you have to do is to manage the birds and the angry animals inorder to
play the best racing animals o 2017 game. Just tap the screen in the best time to jump and avoid
other racers and why not to kill them using a powerups . As more you collect coins then
you can buy more powerups that allow you to kill the enemies like birds and animals without chicken
There are a lot of levels and words : like snow world, forest world,volcan world and others
choose your favorite bird character and try its power and speed infront of al the enemies and
the animals like chicken and black and white animals and birds.
Shoot the crazy adventure , crazy chicken, knock down birds chicken with different
slingshot. You can also zoom in, zoom out and move the game scene to see close
look. Just aim and shoot the targets. Collect stars and coins also powerups to unlock
new characters and new levels like jeep grill, and dahlia.
happy animals game is suitable for all ages. You can knock down happy and free chicken
at different levels, by playing this game. Here, you not only get the experience
of using a slingshot but also can knock down best game, crazy bird, crazy chicken.
Slingshot shooting can be challenging! It is a free app and will remain free forever.

How to play: ??
- To control the slingshot and racing using the best way just shoot with it,
you just need to press and jump,hold your finger on the slingshot to equip it.
- And then move your finger to the right and left to aim at the target,
- collect more coins and buy new birds and characters.
- move it forward or backward to specify the power.
- And release your finger to shoot.


- happy chicken knock down bad pig
- Simple & beautiful graphics.
- Relaxing sounds and music
- Missions and challenge mode
- Easy to use - hard to master
- Share your score easily with friends.
- Unlock the levels by using your skills.

* Download and enjoy it !