Merge Sushi!

Merge Sushi!

Make new sushi, merge to level up, and run your Billion-dollar sushi restaurant!
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  • Android 4.1+
  • PEGI 3
  • 1000
  • 1,000+
A Tale of Sushi

Masao’s sushi restaurant was not doing well. After the store was closed one day, he made himself a Kapamaki. He was thinking about closing the business the following week.

Just when he picked up the tiny Kapamaki and was about to put into his mouth, he heard a little voice: ”Don’t eat me! I will make you a lot of money!”

He looked around, there was no one there except himself. Everyone had left.

He raised his chopsticks again, and the voice sounded again. ”I promise. I will save your business and make you rich.”

This time, he found where the voice came from. It was the Kapamaki between his chopsticks.

He was so amused and asked, ”How will you make me money? People are becoming vegetarian. They don’t eat sushi anymore.”

Kapamaki said, ”I can run! I can entertain people so they will all run to your restaurant to watch me run. You can charge them admission to watch me run.”

Masao said, ”Really?”

Kapamaki said, ”Put me on the track. Let me show you.”

Now Masao became curious. Having nothing better to do, he put the Kapamaki in the track of the sushi river.

The tiny Kapamaki tried very hard to run, but he was quite wobbly at first. After two rounds, he started getting better and better.

Masao smiled.

He said, ”It's very nice of you to care about my business and try to help. But how much can you make? The rent is expensive. My chef has to pay his mortgage.”

Kapamaki blinked his eyes. He said, ”If you make more sushi, we can all make money for you.”

Masao said, "That’s easy." After all, he was the best sushi master in the whole country. So he started making another Kapamaki.

The first little Kapamaki said, ”Join us together. We will unite and become bigger, better, and faster! And we will make you more money.”

Masao put the two Kapamaki together, and Bang! They merged to become a new sushi Tekkamaki.

Masao was so surprised and happy. He made more and more sushi, and kept on merging them. The next day, he put a sign outside his restaurant - “Merge Sushi. Ticket price: $10.” People felt curious and came in. They found the sushi racing going on. People started to put money down, betting which sushi will win.

When more and more people rushed to Masao's restaurant to watch sushi racing, Masao’s sushi got an invitation to a talk show to introduce his sushi restaurant. Now people all over the world know about Masao's restaurant. In 2 years, Masao has become a billionaire. And this all started with a little magical sushi!